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    How can we best serve you on your wellness journey? We understand that things happen and the journey may be tough. Our serves were designed to meet you at every part of your journey.  We desire that you reach your goals once and for all. Take some time and peruse our menu options and find something that is best for your hectic life. 

  • Director of Wellness, for food, health, and happiness

    K.E.Y. Culinary Consulting is a total body wellness company created by Krystal E.Y. Odume. Krystal has an extensive background in personal/group training, business management, as well as, an impressive culinary background that aids in nutritional coaching.  K.E.Y was created to help people bring about a positive change in their everyday lifestyle. Krystal believes that when you can change your perspective through guided thoughts, you can change your entire life for the better. 


    "During college, I struggled with emotional health. I was stress eating and had a hard time coping with my feelings. For me, food was the answer. I ate when I was happy, sad and even lonely. It took years to get my eating habit under control but I did it by changing the way I thought, simple dietary adjustments, and making physical activity apart of my everyday life.  During this time, I did a lot of self-reflecting. I learned that I could take my passion for culinary arts and share with others, much like my idols Julia Child and Emeril Lagasse, but do it in a healthier, more effective way."


    K.E.Y. was developed to help people, who like myself, used food for all the wrong reasons. With my personal experience and professional background, I can help you build a comprehensive plan providing effective workout plans, cooking ideas and guidance to make more positive choices in your life.

  • Appetizers and Entrees

    Online/ Phone Coaching


    Never be without advice again. If you have questions about recipes, what to eat, or how to do it, coaching is perfect.  Also available interactive, live cooking sessions


    Grocery Shopping and Delivery

    Thinking of what to make for dinner?  Not sure what to have for a snack? Let me do it for you with your special instructions; or get hands on instruction with a field trip.

    Kitchen Makeover

    If you have questions about great alternatives on the not so healthy foods you eat, this is great for you. 1.5- 2 hours one-on-one time getting the right answers.

    Personal Meals


    Being busy keeps you from eating the right things. Personal meals come with snack portioning and optional meal portioning for easy to go healthy, delicious meals. Food is not included


    Power Lunch

    (Corporate Wellness)


    With or without meals get your coworkers together to learn healthier lifestyle tips for the office and beyond


    Cooking Class


    If you have about two hours and want to enjoy some cooking instruction and great food, try a cooking class. It can be arranged in your home or in a commercial kitchen. Food is not included.


    Personal Training


    Get the most out of your wellness journey.  Enlist a Certified Personal Trainer to design a customized exercise program. You choose the location.  We will do the rest.


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